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An archive of Blogcall (by permission)

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BlogCall10: features David Swanson of discussing the netroots-funded poll that found a virtual majority of Americans - 50% to 44% - want Congress to consider impeaching President Bush if he lied about the war in Iraq. Yet despite these astonishing results, the poll received absolutely no coverage in any mainstream media outlet - just one more example of rightwing media bias. Click Here To Listen!

Blogcall 9 was not archived.

BlogCall8: features Brad Friedman. On March 17th, the American Center for Voting Rights (ACVR) appeared from nowhere - just like Jeff Gannon and Talon News in 2003. Four days later, on March 21st, they were the ONLY "Voting Rights" group to testify in a U.S. House Committee hearing on Election 2004, and the problems that occurred specifically in OH. As The BRAD BLOG ( discovered shortly thereafter, the ACVR is a phony "non-partisan" group created by Jim Dyke, the Communications Director for the RNC and Mark F. (Thor) Hearne, the lead National Counsel for Bush/Cheney '04 Inc. Click Here To Listen!

BlogCall7: features Andy Stephenson, Education Director of Vote Trust USA ( In the aftermath of the most recent stolen election in 2004, Andy was on the ground in Florida and Ohio securing hard evidence of fraud and manipulation. He will be discussing the current status of this evidence and other related subjects. Click Here To Listen!

BlogCall6: features David Swanson of exposing the credit card industry's corrupt campaign to push its atrocious Bankruptcy Bill through the House of Representatives this week - and the grassroots campaign by bloggers and activists to stop it. Click Here To Listen!

Blogcall 5 was not archived.

BlogCall4: with Greg Palast of exposing the battle between neoconservatives and the oil giants over Iraq's oil - a battle that began "within weeks" of Bush's seizure of the White House in 2001. Palast's expose, which will appear on BBC Newsnight and in Harper's Magazine, is available here. After the deaths of over 1,500 U.S. soldiers and over 100,000 Iraqi civilians, BlogCall4 will ask: "Was it all about oil?" Click Here To Listen!

BlogCall3: with with John Byrne and Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw exposing how Tom Delay's extravagant trips were illegally funded by a "charity" called NCPPR... how NCPPR illegally raised its money by scamming the elderly with Social Security fright letters... and how rightwing lobbyist Jack Abramoff connects the two. Click Here To Listen!

BlogCall2: with Brad Friedman and Clint Curtis on the story first broken by on a software program rig the Florida election. Click Here To Listen!

BlogCall1: John Aravosis of on the Gannon/Guckert scandal. Click Here To Listen!